Roll Form Channel


3/16" - 14ga

Steel Types:



Trailers, Support Braces, Trusses, Metal Buildings, Racks, Stiffeners, Reinforcements


Priefert Steel roll form is available in HR/HRPO/CR in custom and standard sizes CTL (cut to length, exact length needed by the customer), with the capability to produce holes and notches inline. This helps reduce labor and provides substantial cost savings for the customer. In addition, we can use the latest in steel technology to reduce thickness while increasing strength. An additional benefit is reducing inventory with JIT (just-in-time) deliveries to fit production schedules.

~ Size Chart ~

Size Length Gauge # of Bundles
2.00" x 1.125"
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3.00" x 1.500"
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4.00" x 1.500"
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* Product may vary from information, pictures, or videos shown. Please consult Priefert for more information.