Painted Metal Coil

Priefert Steel is a proud supplier of pre-painted metal coils for the construction industry. Our coils come in a large assortment of colors and can be used for metal buildings, architectural roofing, decking, framing and much more.

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Test Performance
Physical Properties And Durability
Film Thickness 0.15 - 0.30 mil primer
0.7 - 0.9 mil topcoat
60° Specular Gloss 25 — 35
IR Reflectivity 0.25 (25%) minimum
Emissivity 0.80 (80%) minimum
Pencil Hardness HB minimum
Flexibility, T-Bend 2 — T coated steel
Adhesion No adhesion loss
Reverse Impact No cracking or loss of adhesion
Abrasion, Falling Sand 65 — 85 l/mil
Mortar Resistance No effect
Detergent Resistance,
3% Detergent, 100°F (72 hrs.)
No effect
Atmospheric And Pollutant Resistance
Acid Pollutants No effect
Acid Rain Test 15 cycles minimum, no
objectionable color change
Alkali Resistance,
5% @ (72 hrs.)
No effect
Salt Spray Resistance
5% @ 95°F
Passes 1,000 hrs. — coated steel
Humidity Resistance
100% @ 100°F
Passes 1,000 hrs. — coated steel
South Florida Exposure Less than 5 units color change
UV Exposure Passes 3,000 hrs.
Chalk Resistance Rating of 8 min.

Standard Kynar 500© Colors

Aged Bronze
Shasta White
Forest Green
Patina Green
Sierra Tan
Medium Bronze
Charcoal Grey
Hemlock Green
Bristol Blue
Dark Bronze
Zinc Grey
Hartford Green
Royal Blue
Colonial Red
Copper Brown
Matte Black
Teal Green
Deep Red

Premium and metallic colors are available upon request

(Representation of colors may vary due to screen limitations. Actual metal color samples available on request.)

Energy Star Partner
All colors comply with Leed® 2.2 & Energy Star requirements for roof slopes greater than 2:12.